Growing Your Own, by Zalman Silber

a_zalman_8700led_cpu_coolerIt’s so important to grow your own, now more than ever!  Hey there, I’m Zalman Silber, international man o’ mystery and green thumb extraordinaire, and I’m gonna expound now on the critical importance, blast it, of growing your own healthy delicious fruits and most importantly vegetables.  Yeah, veggies! Now don’t make any faces — you know they’re good for you.  And cooked right (and oftentimes just prepared right, with no cooking at all!), they taste just as good as anything meat-based.  But to really reap the benefits, you really ought to grow yer own.

Of course, many if not most of us have no access to a garden, whether a small plot where we live or some community space for vegetables.  But there are now these things, “agro-culture”or “hydro-agriculture” or some such thing, which let you grow fresh nutritious veggies right on your kitchen counter!

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